LOCAL Beach yoga


Beach Bliss

Whether you are fortunate enough to live by the sea or you have the opportunity to spend a day at the beach, taking your yoga practice out of the studio and on to the sand is a great way to expand your yoga horizon. No two classes are the same thanks to Mother Nature and the ever changing tides.

The balanced nature between sand, sea, salt air, sun and sky make the beach an ideal place to bring peace and equanimity into our lives. 

Practicing in a natural environment creates greater feelings of relaxation, increases our energy and our awareness to the present moment. Connecting with nature is a wonderful way for us to witness the dance of the universe and to see ourselves as part of this magnificent symphony.

So...leave your sticky mat at home and get your asana on your Beach Yoga Mat and enjoy nature’s outdoor studio.


Ocean Asana

Carrie Godesky, local resident and beach yoga instructor in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ leads an early morning class at Jenkinson’s North, INLET Beach at the Twisted Guru summer solstice practice. Carrie is the creator of Twisted Guru beach yoga mats and has been guiding beach classes since 2007.